Priorities for new bills to introduce in the 2020-2021 legislative session:

COVID19 Economic Recovery Planning:

Support for Small Business Owners Impacted by COVID-19 Public Health Protections

Rent Relief for Small Businesses, Families and Seniors

Internship Programs that Place Teens and Young Adults with Small Business Owners

Expansion of Small Business Plan Design Assistance and Entrepreneur Mentoring Programs


Climate Change Mitigation:

Transition to Cleaner Heating & Cooling for Buildings

Acceleration of Decarbonization of Industrial Processes

Support for Community Public Health Monitoring, Protection, and Resilience Training

Create a 'Green Bank' to Finance Energy Efficiency Improvement Projects

Support for Managing Working Forests and Fields to Store Carbon in Soils
Prioritize Resource Management of Estuarine & Tidal Flats for Storm Surge Resilience

I support these not-yet-passed bills of the 129th legislative session (2019-2020):

 ( For more information on each bill click on the hyperlinked LD number.)

Invest in Infrastructure To Address Sea Level Rise (LD16)
Support the Trades through a Tax Credit for Apprenticeship Programs (LD70)

Create a Public Health Insurance Option (LD109)
Support for Establishment of a Consumer-Owned Electric Utility (LD180) 

Increase Rural Maine's Access to Broadband Internet Service (LD295)

Remove the Statute of Limitations for Certain Sex Crimes (LD322)
Align Wages for Direct Care Workers for with the Minimum Wage (LD399)
Restore Overtime Protections for Maine Workers (LD402)

National Popular Vote for President (LD418)
Maine Equal Rights Amendment (LD433)
Price Carbon Pollution in Maine (LD434)

Seal the Records of Convictions for Marijuana-related Violations that are not Crimes (LD486)
Enhanced Resource Management of Submerged Lands Beneath Impounded Waters (LD723)
Increase Efficiency in Enforcement of the Maine Human Rights Act (LD759)

Establish a Commission to Research the Economic Disparities of Minority Populations (LD768)

Fund Equipment for Career and Technical Education Centers and Regions (LD859)

Require Public Health Impact Statements for Certain Legislation (LD867)
Prevent Sexual and Domestic Violence and Support Survivors (LD1171)
Establish Task Force to Coordinate Protection of Vulnerable Populations (LD1180)

Act Regarding Local Workforce Development Boards (LD1359)

Restore Local Ownership and Control of Maine's Power Delivery Systems (LD1646)

Clarify the Right to Counsel for Juveniles and Improve Due Process for Juveniles (LD1684)
Address the Opioid Crisis through Evidence-based Public Health Policy (LD1689)
Fair, Equitable and Competitive Tax Policy for Maine's Working Families and Small Businesses (LD1929)
End the Waitlists for Services to Adults with Disabilities (LD1984)
Improved Pesticide Controls to Prohibit Certain Uses of Neonicotinoids (LD 2083)
Support and Increase the Recycling of Packaging (LD 2104)

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